Signal Practice Video (Streaming Video)



5 Paws Award
Included in the Preschool Kit, the Kindergarten Kit and the 1st Grade Kit.

The Signal Practice Video is an online streaming, 30-minute video for teachers, parents and students to practice the “a-z” Signals, capital letters, VC/CVC words, schwa sounds, long vowels, diphthongs, r – controlled vowels, silent letters, and soft sound Signals. It demonstrates Signals from each Flash Card Set, including Bossy “e,” “ I Say My Own Name,” “Polite Partners,” “Silent Letters” and “Soft Sounds.”

Included with the Signal Practice Video, you will also gain access to Safari Sid’s Signal and Sound Practice Streaming Video! Join Zoophonia’s nephew, Safari Sid, as he takes you and your students on a playful journey to discover all 26 of the Zoo-phonics Animal Letter shapes, sounds and Signals. This lively 3 minute 14 second streaming video is perfect for learning the proper way to Signal and sound each phoneme!

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