Dr. Charlene Wrighton – Expert Keynote Presentations

Dr. Charlene Wrighton, Ed.D

45 years in education

21 Years, Special Education Teacher

5 years, University Professor (USF; Chapman)

Co-Author of Award Winning Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program

Woman of the Year, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, CA

California Mentor Teacher

Teacher of the Year, Tri-County Consortium, CA

Excellence in Service to the Community, Sonora

Teacher's Choice Award 2011
(Zoo-phonics Preschool Kit)

Teacher's Choice Award 2013
(Zoo-phonics Kindergarten Kit)


Dr. Charlene Wrighton Keynotes

Dr. Charlene Wrighton is the author of the award winning and internationally acclaimed Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program. Because of her education and experience in the teaching field she is considered a "cutting edge" expert, educational developer and researcher for early childhood and primary literacy education.

Dr. Charlene Wrighton's early childhood and primary keynote speeches are packed with current research-based innovative techniques to motivate children and teachers (even administrators get excited!).

Each keynote speech (on various educational topics) will engage the audience with ground-breaking ideas, a funny sense of humor, all wrapped up with her incredible energy. With Dr. Wrighton you're guaranteed to have everyone out of their seats, moving, participating and ready to take ideas back to the classroom!

Dr. Charlene Wrighton has created the following conference and keynote speeches that will cover critical educational topics for every classroom. Each conference or keynote speech can also be customized to fit your specific group or session – while making a lasting impression.

Reaching Every Child in the Classroom – Really!  Every Child!

Dr. Char describes the joy and responsibility of teachers to reach every child in their classrooms – from strugglers, to limited English speakers, to the gifted and talented. Regardless of the skills to be taught, learning should be hands on, physical, playful and enjoyable. Dr. Char discusses how teachers can meet the needs of all children without watering down the curriculum, losing or boring children, or driving themselves crazy.  Dr. Char’s methods are easy to implement! This hands-on keynote speech will present techniques that build inclusive, playful and effective instruction that inspires everyone to learn.

Growing Dendrites in a Safe, Exciting and Playful Learning Classroom Environment!

Dr. Char is a leading advocate of play, verve, physicality and integrated learning as being a vital part of the learning environment for young children. With the new requirements of Common Core Standards, young children spend more time at their desks, sitting as they learn. Sitting does not grow dendrites!  Dr. Char will help you discover a curriculum and techniques that encourages play and movement as it teaches important literacy skills through an integrated curriculum that stimulates world-knowledge, rich vocabularies, and serious learning!

Engaging and Encouraging Young Boys to Excel in Reading, Writing and Spelling

Most boys need to move, make noise and conquer the world. However, our classroom environments are not usually set up to handle wiggly, noisy boys. Dr. Wrighton will discuss how early education teachers (Kindergarten included) are mostly females who have never been little boys. An innate understanding of their needs is often missing. She’ll describe how to set up your classroom environment and choose and/or create curriculum that not only approves of wiggling and noise but encourages it as a vital part of learning – at the same time encouraging and fostering the emotional, social and academic needs of the little girls in their care.

Changing Children’s Behavior: “Catching the Child in the Act of Being Terrific!”

Dr. Wrighton will explain her cutting edge theories on how to handle chronic, errant child behavior while loving the child at the same time. Some of her secrets are: 1) Love and respect the child first, regardless of behavior. 2)  “Catch the child in the act of being terrific,” capitalizing on each positive second. 3) Help children want to and so change their behavior as they take responsibility for their actions. 4) Learn to set limitations and consequences, create positive responses and develop motivating systems, and flexible behavior charts that will help children, parents and teachers see positive and permanent progress.

Expanding EVERY Child’s Knowledge Base – Especially in Preschool and Kindergarten

Research tells us that children from unenriched homes lack language and important life concepts, which hinders them in preschool and kindergarten. These children have a disadvantage right from the start from which they may not recover. Dr. Wrighton will demonstrate how children from different economic strata can be given the same opportunities to learn.  She will help you discover how to develop children’s working vocabularies and create a rich learning environment in your classroom by integrating core academic curricula. With Dr. Wrighton’s techniques, every child will joyfully explore and gain knowledge of the arts, music, science, technology, and wonderful literature, all while having fun, moving and playing.

We've Got Verve! Discover Curriculum that Engages Every Student!

Too many of our nation’s children are not being reached because our classroom structures are not aligned to students’ home environments, cultures or brain requirements. Dr. Char explains why we need joy, VERVE and physicality in our classrooms and curricula. She describes why children need to move, explore, and express themselves as they learn, in a safe and inclusive environment. Purposeful and playful movement, music, art, and drama all establish and trigger memory. Learn how to create a VERVISTIC* classrooms for maximum learning for all children (and enjoy teaching at the same time!). *Fun, playful, physical and full of expression!

How to Read a Literature Book, Getting Children Physically and Emotionally Involved

Too often a teacher will read a literature book to their students, expecting them to sit quietly, thinking that quiet attention is good attention; however, are children really listening? Do they understand the vocabulary, the plot, and the characters? How is their behavior during this time?  Often children act out during story time because they are not actively and physically engaged. Learn how to get children physically, thoughtfully and playfully involved during this most precious time of enjoying a story read aloud.

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