Zoom Part 2 / Advance Training

Our advanced Part II workshop will provide a review and extension of the comprehensive one-day workshop, provides a question and answer forum on all aspects of language arts and instructs how to teach advanced phonemic concepts playfully and brain efficiently.

This workshop is recommended for anyone who has completed a comprehensive one-day Zoo-phonics® workshop.

Our target audience includes teachers, administrators and parents of Preschool, Head Start, Kindergarten, 1st-3rd Grades, Title I, Title VII, Special Education, ELL/Bilingual, and tutors or instructional aides.

A Part II training reviews and extends your one-day training…

  • Provides a question and answer forum on all aspects of language arts.
  • Instructs you how to teach advanced phonemic concepts playfully and brain efficiently, for example: 1) long vowels that stand alone in the syllable or word (me, go, remember); 2) “e” on the end of the word that gives the vowel its long sound (made, kite, hole); 3) two-vowel phonemes (rain, read, pie) and diphthongs (toy, boil, buoyant); 4) silent letters (gnome, comb, write); 5. soft sounds (cent, gentle, cyclone).
  • Gives you of practice with the phonetic concepts found above, tying them directly into reading, spelling, writing and literature.
  • Discusses how and when to edit student writing and how to maximize student performance and creativity in the reading and writing domains.
  • Helps teachers and administrators to develop a continuity in the reading and writing curriculum throughout the grades.
  • Discusses the importance of assessments and shows you how to be a diagnostic and prescriptive teacher.
  • Actively involves participants in all aspects of the Zoo-phonics® Multisensory Language Arts Program, including how to use the Zoo-phonics® Readers, Sound Flash Cards, games and other support materials, tying them into the classroom curriculum.

The Part 1 Comprehensive Workshop is a prerequisite for this training. You will be asked to verify the date of attendance. Thank you for your cooperation. 

workshop schedule

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