Zoo-phonics Parent Kit

Zoo-phonics Reading Adventure Home Kit

Results in 3 days to 2 weeks!

It's fun! It’s physical! It's incredibly effective! Seriously, your children will learn the alphabet in 3 days to 2 weeks and will have fun as they do it! Soon, they’ll start putting all those cute Animal Letters together to form simple words! Created by award-winning teachers, the Zoo-phonics Multi-sensory Language Arts Program is a unique and playful curriculum that involves your child’s whole body: eyes, mouth, ears, touch, mind and body with:

  • endearing Animal Letters (providing a playful, sweet, and concrete approach to learning)
  • hand and body movements (developing muscle memory and automaticity)
  • stories and songs (stimulating imaginations!)
  • playful and physical lessons and activities (encouraging movement and social interaction)
  • alphabet activities that include literature, math, music, art, science, social studies, cooking, sensory play, physical fitness, cooking and nutrition, self-help skills (opening up the whole world to young children)

It's Easy - It's Inexpensive - It's Fun – And It Works! It's 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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What you are about to discover is the foundation for your child's ultimate success

School is challenging and you want your child not only academically ready but confidently and happily ready for the academic work load found at each grade level. It starts at home at the toddler and preschool ages.

If you need more information, we've provided lots of detail and even a video for you on this page and throughout this site.

Order today! Your child's adventure with the alphabet, reading, spelling and writing can begin right now!

Parent’s Jumpstart Adventure Guide

A simple and playful parent guide to help you teach your child the Zoo-phonics Alphabet (and simple words soon!) through many fun and physical activities found in this Kit.

Animal Alphabet Grids

Before picking up a pencil (and fatiguing the hand) children can manipulate the letters of the lower- and uppercase alphabets; and use this Grid for  reading and spelling games by manipulating the Zoo-phonics Animal Letters. The Animal Alphabet Grid Sets include the Animal Pictures, Merged Animal Letters, Lowercase Letters, Merged Capital and Capital Letter Grids. Included are punctuation marks.

Small Animal Alphabet Cards

These bright, full color Small Animal Alphabet Cards are perfect for matching, spelling, and reading activities. They feature Animals on one side with the Body Signal instructions on reverse, Merged Animal with Lowercase Letters on reverse, and Merged Capital with Uppercase Letters on reverse.

Read and Spell with Zoo-phonics Interactive Games (PC only)

This all new video game features our Animal Letters and is as entertaining as it is educational! Meet Zoophonia, Zeke Zebra and all of the other Animals as they teach children the shapes, sounds, Alliterative Animal Names, and Body Signals of the alphabet. Players will learn to sing and Signal to Zoo-phonics songs!

Featuring 15 different games, this will be sure to delight little learners of all ages!

Sing, Signal and Sound with Zoophonia

Now each time you introduce one of our 26 Animal Letters, you can support your instruction with a song all about that Animal. Each song is filled with words that start with that letter’s sound! Listen carefully to the music behind the lyrics! It represents the country from where each animal lives.

Zoo-Coloring Book “a-z”

This wonderful 8.5” x 11” coloring book is based on the favorite reader, Zeke and His Pals, Level A•1, and includes lines for printing practice. Your students will love to color and learn more about their favorite Zoo-phonics Animals.

Music That Teaches

A downloadable selection of our most popular songs in MP3 format!
“Come Meet Us at the Zoo,”
“The Jump Rope Rap,”
“Zoo-magic Abounds,”
“It Sounds Like This and It Looks Like That”

Safari Sid’s Signal and Sound Practice

Join Zoophonia’s favorite nephew, Safari Sid, as he takes you and your children on a playful journey to discover all 26 of the Zoo-phonics Animal shapes, sounds and Body Signals (gestures).  This lively video is perfect for learning the proper way to Signal and sound each letter! Other video lessons feature a more in-depth exploration of the “a - z” Signals, capital letters and other important Zoo-phonics concepts!

Signal Practice Video – “a-z” Primary Body Signals

Zoophonia clearly and carefully guides you, the parent, through all 26 individual Signals and sounds to better familiarize yourself with proper Zoo-phonics techniques!

Zoo-Kids Signal Poster

A wonderful addition to any learning space! A full-color wall poster showing 26 unique children depicting each Body Signal along with the Merged Animal Letter.

Zoo-Alphabet Buddies

An incredible full-color wall poster perfect for any home! It shows both the lower- and uppercase Merged Animal Letters.