Zoo at School

Is your child learning Zoo-phonics at School?

zoo-at-school_largeCongratulations! Your child is already being introduced to our ground-breaking program. That’s good news for you because supporting them will be so easy and so much fun.

As you’ve probably noticed, Zoo-phonics is playful — just like children. They’re in constant motion and they love to make noise. So we use what is natural for them and channel it for learning!

We recommend that you use the Zoo-phonics program that’s appropriate for your child, either the Essentials or Deluxe. It’s so important when you’re reinforcing their schoolwork to use all the tools available so that it’s fun and exciting for them. At this level you should not be concerning yourself so much with “testing” but rather with finding opportunities to engage them with what they’ve learned. The home programs contain more games then are usually used in the classroom setting which gives you the chance to be doing something new at home. Not only will it be highly educational but actually fun for your whole family!