Zoo-phonics® Products

Young Girl and Bubba reading
Teach your students the alphabet in two weeks!

Zoo-phonics® meets Common Core Standards!

Teach your students the alphabet in TWO WEEKS! Faster than you ever expected your students will be reading, spelling and writing!

Zoo-phonics® is perfect for your classroom! Our product selection offers you the most comprehensive and affordable methods for implementing Zoo-phonics®.

Zoo-phonics® builds confidence!

Every, and I mean EVERY school I have been in is soooooo excited about the program. In less than two weeks, children are making the connection of sounds and letters that never have done this the entire school year. Not only that, but they are spelling and are so thrilled that their confidence in themselves has blossomed. I have had tears of excitement from teachers and, of course, me. One teacher told me that she had been the biggest doubter and now the seven children she was going to retain in kindergarten have joined the ranks of learners. I can't wait to finish going into the other classrooms and see the amazing results of Zoo-phonics®

Linda Mauldin Literacy Specialist Ret., Rowan-Salisbury School District Salisbury, NC June 16, 2015