The Kindergarten Kit


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5Paws Award
2013 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice For the Classroom Award winner!2013 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice For the Classroom Award 2013 19th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice for the Classroom Award winner!

Our Kindergarten Kit has everything you need to easily teach the alphabet, phonemic
awareness, rhyming, sound blending (synthesis and analysis), reading, spelling, and writing. Faster than you ever expected, your students will be reading, spelling, and writing!

Clear instruction is provided in the Safari into Reading, Spelling and Writing – Kindergarten Level Manual with Common Core Standards included with each lesson. Included is The Adventuresome Kids Manual which connects alphabet and phonemic awareness with math, art, physical education, dance, drama, music, nutrition, science, social studies, etc.


*These materials are reproducible.