Read & Spell Game 9 – Zoo Billboard Mix-up (PC version)




Zoo Billboard Mix-up

The Zoo Billboard is all mixed-up, but Ellie Elephant will help! You will see a big Zoo Billboard that has scrambled letters that need to be UNSCRAMBLED in order to form words!  Directions: Use the blanks below each mixed-up set of words to put the letters back into the correct order to form a word. The child will then be able to read the Zoo News!

Remind children to first look for a capital letter because they ALWAYS begin a sentence. Also, children will learn that a period (or some kind of punctuation mark) goes at the end. Zeke Zebra encourages children with every right answer. NOTE: If the child has trouble getting started, she or he can click on the Walkie-Talkie (lower left-hand side) to summon Zeke Zebra for help.

If the letter is in the right place, it will stay and the box will turn blue. If the letter is incorrect, it will not “stick” in the box. IMPORTANT: Children must remember to leave a space in between each word.

After each word is unscrambled, Zoophonia will read the sentence to help the child unscramble the next word. Once the whole sentence is revealed, Zeke will then tell the child to “turn on the light switch.” The billboard lights up and a sign pops up and says, “Good job!” Ellie Elephant will shoot water on the billboard to make a new mixed-up sentence appear.

Encourage the child to Signal and sound as she or he attempts to put the letters in the right order.


A FUN IDEA! If teachers are working children in a group, choose several students to come up to the front and “step out the sentence” created in the game. Remind children to Signal the capital letter first and also remember to Signal and sound the punctuation (hilarious!).


Lesson Objectives. The child will: 

  • use strategies (Signals and sounds) to un-scramble the letters that form the words
  • learn how to build/spell words
  • follow directions
  • make decisions
  • learn how to navigate and manipulate interactive elements on a screen using eye-hand coordination
  • use capital letters appropriately
  • understand that a space has to go between words
  • understand that a punctuation mark goes at the end of a sentence
  • learn that there has to be a “star” (the subject/noun) and what the star does (predicate/verb) in every sentence


You can purchase and download the full Read & Spell with Zoo-phonics Interactive Games HERE!


Windows 7, 8, or 10
1 GB RAM or more
10 MB hard drive space or more
HD Monitor (for full screen display)