Read & Spell Game 11 – The a-b-c Pool (PC version)




The a-b-c Pool

Olive Octopus needs to get her words in alphabetical order. Can your children help her?  Olive will hold out her numbered tentacles (1, 2, 3, 4) so the child can place the correct word, directly on the numbers, in a-b-c order.

Directions: Click on a word to pick it up. Drag the word to Olive’s tentacle and release it to place it there. If it is correct, the word will stick to Olive’s tentacles. Zeke Zebra will read the word to the child and Zoophonia will give the child a compliment. If the word is not in the correct order, the word will return to the word-pile.


If the child needs help, she or he can:

  • use the Merged Animal Letters at the top of the screen to help him or her decide the correct alphabetical order of the 4 words.
  • click on Olive Octopus, and she’ll remind him or her to sing “Come Meet Us at the Zoo” (which helps with alphabetical order).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Occasionally, there will be two words that start with the same letter. The child will have to look at the second letter and put that letter in a-b-c order. Adult help may be needed.


When all words have been placed in correct order, Zoophonia will read each one again. Please remind children to say the words after Zoophonia says them. It will help with memory. Children can also Signal and sound the words. Olive Octopus will spray black ink on the old words, revealing a new game.


Lesson Objectives. The child will:

  • understand what alphabetic order means and be able to place the words in alphabetical order by looking at the initial letter and hearing the sound
  • learn to recognize, read, and Signal and sound out CVC words
  • learn to listen carefully and follow directions
  • make decisions
  • learn how to navigate and manipulate interactive elements on a screen using eye-hand coordination


You can purchase and download the full Read & Spell with Zoo-phonics Interactive Games HERE!


Windows 7, 8, or 10
1 GB RAM or more
10 MB hard drive space or more
HD Monitor (for full screen display)