Read & Spell Game 3 – The Zoo Train Mix-Up (PC version)




The Zoo Train Mix-Up

Here comes the train!  It is a matching game. The object is to load the suitcases labeled with letters (lower- and uppercase) or Animal pictures that start with the letters into the matching cars of the train within two different (60 seconds and 30 seconds) time limits. See the boxes on the wall with the trains? Click on one of them to determine how fast or slow you want to go! See the boxes of letters under the train boxes? There are 4 of them:

  • Animal Picture Letters
  • Merged Animal Letters
  • Plain lowercase letters
  • Plain uppercase letters

Zoophonia and Zeke Zebra give careful directions for this game. They are always ready to help you. Here’s what you do: Select the suitcase with a letter or picture on it that corresponds to the one on the boxcar.  To do this, click on the suitcase you wish to move and drag it to the matching boxcar. If children need to hear the sound of the letter again, click on the suitcase and Zoophonia will Signal and sound for them! Remind children to Signal and sound with Zoophonia each time. The boxcars will “light up” when you are done! When you hear the letter’s sound, Signal!


Lesson Objectives. The child will:

  • recognize the Animal Letters
  • recognize letter shape and sound (lower- and uppercase)
  • match initial sounds to letters.
  • follow directions.
  • make decisions.
  • learn how to navigate and manipulate interactive elements on a screen using eye-hand coordination.


You can purchase and download the full Read & Spell with Zoo-phonics Interactive Games HERE!


Windows 7, 8, or 10
1 GB RAM or more
10 MB hard drive space or more
HD Monitor (for full screen display)