Read and Spell with Zoo-phonics® CD-ROM with Teaching Guide (PC Version)



5 Paws Award

Zoo-phonics has created an all new video game featuring our Animals and Animal Letters that are both entertaining and educational! Meet Zoophonia, Zeke Zebra and all of the Animals as they teach children the shapes, sounds, Alliterative Animal Names, and Body Signals of the lower and uppercase alphabets. Children will also learn to sing and Signal to Zoo-phonics songs! There are 15 different games, and in every game there are 10 to 15 activities. Once children become adept at the alphabet, the games become more challenging, and yet always encourage and instruct the young reader. Children will also learn how to read and spell VC/CVC words and blends. The Zoo-phonics Library provides 88 Color Mini-books to enjoy! (Any age can use.)

This version of Read and Spell with Zoo-phonics Interactive Games is compatible only with Windows operating systems. 

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