Zeke and His Pals Reader Level A Book 1


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Included in the Preschool Zoo-per Package, the Kindergarten Zoo-per Package and the 1st Grade Zoo-per Package.

This full colored Reader Level 1 (with the focus on “a-z,” VC/CVC words) is the Reader that teachers, students and parents have come to love. It contains short sentences about each animal, “a – z,” that children can easily sound blend and read. The sentences are controlled to a VC/CVC level so emergent readers can Signal, sound and close the words successfully, and eventually read “on sight.” A blend (and) is introduced along with the digraph “th” and two schwa sounds (a, the).

This is the beginning Reader in the Level A Series and helps build children’s reading confidence. Word lists and comprehension questions are included.

Download (849kb pdf)