The Spanish Kit


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5Paws Award

The Zoo-phonics, Mnemonic and Multisensory Spanish Kit is a fun, physical, and research-based phonics program perfect for emergent learners. This kit has everything you need to teach phonemic awareness, the alphabet, sound blending, reading, spelling and writing in Spanish! Clear instruction is provided in the Bi-lingual Instruction Manual as well as in the activities, music, and readers! There are 29 Animal Letters and accompanying Body Signals (gestures) unique to the Zoo-phonics program. Our Spanish and English Animal Alphabets share 10 Animal Signals and sounds making the transition between the English and Spanish programs simple. This kit is designed to teach the Spanish alphabet to both native Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers.


  • Bilingual Teaching Manual 

  • Reader A1 

  • Reader A2 

  • Large Animal Alphabet Cards 

  • Primary Sound Flash Cards 

  • Beginning Sound Flash Cards 

  • Alphabet Grids 

  • Merged Capital Cards 

  • Handwriting A1 *

  • Handwriting A2 *

  • Animal Alphabet Puppet Patterns *

  • Merged Animal Letter Patterns *

  • How To Draw Activity * 
  • Zoo-Fonts

  • MP3 Musical Album (with lyrics)

  • Reader Guide

  • Signal Practice Video – Streaming Video

  • “We Are All Great!” An English and Spanish Sing-Along – Streaming Video

*These materials are reproducible.