The ELL Kit


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5Paws Award
The Zoo-phonics Methodology is fun and efficient for English Language Learners! Because children use animals drawn in the shapes of the letters and body movements to learn the alphabet, the sounds of the alphabet (many of the sounds they need to learn to speak English) are mastered in a few days.

All phonemic awareness skills are taught with the animal alphabet so children gain the foundation for future speech, reading, spelling, and writing. Within months, children are able to put VC/CVC words together as well as learn the meaning and usage of the words. Within a short time, more challenging graphemes/phonemes (still using the animal letters and body movements for memory) are taught along with sentence structure, word meaning, and the rules for capitalization and punctuation. Literature, music, movement, and drama are a strong part of the curriculum. The magic is the fun that the children have as well as gaining high success. Few other programs can say that their methodology is an equalizer in the classroom.


*These materials are reproducible.