Level C3 Read-Along – “Circle of Five” and “Bossy Ellie Learns a Lesson”


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Level C3 Read-Along “Circle of Five” and “Bossy Ellie Learns a Lesson.”

This is the third in the series. However, the text is not considered, “controlled vocabulary” because it follows the stories on the Circle of Five Music (sold separately). The teacher can read the story, the children can read it themselves or in a small group, or they can listen to the Music. Included is a vocabulary list for each story, comprehension questions, and the lyrics to the songs. These stories teach the two different ways of making a long vowel, all in story and musical format. The Circle of Five deals with the five long vowels that say their own letter names. They want to be reliable, independent and responsible. In Bossy Ellie Learns a Lesson, the Animals teach Ellie that they are happy that she is the “Boss” (the “e” is the long vowel catalyst), but she needs to learn to tell them nicely. Each story and song lends itself to valuing lessons (being responsible, talking politely).

32 pages


To be used with:

Circle of Five – Narrated Story and Music in MP3 Format

Bossy Ellie Learns a Lesson – Narrated Story and Music in MP3 Format