Level B3 Read-Along – “Queeny & Umber – Quality Friends”


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Level B3 Read-Along “Queeny & Umber – Quality Friends.” This Reader is designed to be used with the Music CD, “, “Music That Teaches – Pick-A-Pick A Partner”

Children learn the sound for the “qu” phoneme and vocabulary words easily through this wonderful story and song! Learn how Umber protects Queeny and her babies in a rainstorm, making Queeny & Qmber quality friends. This makes a springboard for a discussion on “friendship”. The teacher can read this story, the children can read it themselves or in a group, or they can listen to the music. It includes two vocabulary lists (all words used in the story, as well as a “qu” word list), comprehension questions, and the lyrics to the songs. The children will love the song “Quality Friends.” It’s a real “show stopper.”

20 pages