Comprehensive Virtual Workshop

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This Comprehensive Virtual Workshop provides everything you’ll need to know about the Zoo-phonics Mnemonic & Multisensory Language Arts Program and its fun and physical way to teach the alphabet, reading, spelling and writing – and it is taught in 3 easy-to-learn sections!

You’ll learn how to: how to Signal the 26 lower- and uppercase Animal Letters, understand the Essences of Zoo-phonics;  how to Zoo-phonics with other programs;  how to use our songs; Readers and games; how to form VC and CVC words; the schwa sound, the blends, digraphs, the 3 ways to form a long vowel, r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, silent letters and soft sounds!

This Workshop will show you how to get your kids moving as they learn and gain confidence in their literacy skills!

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