Irene Clark Early-Childhood Education Fund

Honoring her love of teaching and learning

Following Zoo-phonics® Author/Illustrator Irene’s death, her family established the Irene Clark Early-Childhood Education Fund as a celebration of her life and as a tribute to the special joy she found in teaching and learning from children, teens and young adults. The goal is to use all contributions to the fund to advance early education through Zoo-phonics® and the Safari Learning® Academy by providing funding for:

  • Educational research
  • Scholarships for disadvantaged children who would benefit from attending the academy

Once a year, Irene’s daughters will work with the staff of Zoo-phonics® and Safari Learning® Academy to carefully consider requests for Zoo-phonics® research funding and/or scholarships to the academy. Together they will evaluate and prioritize those requests, and will distribute 100 percent of all contributions received to date. We appreciate your contribution in Irene’s memory, which will help Zoo-phonics® and the Academy continue to “Teach the World to Read.” Thank you!

Please contact us at 800.622.8104 to make your contribution or send your check, payable to Safari Learning® Trust Account, to Zoo-phonics®, Inc. 20950 Ferretti Rd. Groveland, CA 95321, USA.

A special thank you to our contributors!

A note on the loss of our Illustrator/Author Irene Clark…

A note on the loss of our Illustrator/Author Irene Clark…

In April 2010 we lost our beautiful Irene Clark who was our original illustrator of our adorable Zoo-phonics® animal letters Irene helped write the original kindergarten manual with Gigi Bradshaw and developed our Spanish sister program for Zoo-phonics®. She will be missed by so many people who received her love, her beautiful flower arrangements, her wonderful cards she drew and the messages she wrote inside of them. Irene had a constant heart for others and lived tirelessly to meet their needs. She and her husband, Al, were active in helping build the Groveland Library and establish its museum before they moved to The Meadows in Napa, CA. Once there, Irene was involved in Vespers and often gave the sermons when the pastor couldn't be there. She always arranged the flowers for Sunday. Irene was there for every elderly friend and never let anyone go without a kind word, a prayer or a hug. She was a truly inspirational lady and she will be missed more than words could ever express. Irene's contribution to Zoo-phonics® was truly immeasurable. It is her family's hope that this fund will provide Zoo-phonics® materials for children around the world and scholarships for children at its sister company, the Safari Learning® Academy in Sonora, CA.

Char Wrighton & the Zoo-phonics® Staff June 15, 2015

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