Zoo-phonics® will accelerate your talented and gifted students

Zoo-phonics will accelerate your talented and gifted students

Zoo-phonics® will accelerate your talented and gifted students

Zoo-phonics® provides a unique and challenging curriculum for talented and gifted students…

  • Talented and gifted students come to our classrooms with brains, minds and hearts hungry for learning. Too often, these students are left to their own devices or are given busy work. Delisle and Berger state, “A young, curious student may easily become ‘turned off’ if the educational environment is not stimulating approaches are inappropriate assignments are consistently too difficult or too easy.”
  • With Zoo-phonics®, you can easily extend each concept in the lessons, which will lead students to more detail and depth in their reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Zoo-phonics® will not only accelerate your gifted learners, but can reverse patterns of underachieving behavior that is too prevalently seen in our classrooms, especially as students age.
  • Zoo-phonics® makes it easy for you to reach all these precocious students by providing challenging curriculum that stimulates their interests. Parents will be thrilled with their children’s progress. Administration will be thrilled by end-of-year results.

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Zoo-phonics® gets RESULTS!

We are loving our Zoo-phonics®! Our kindergartners are already two months ahead of where they were at this time last year with our old curriculum. The students, their parents, para-educators and I are very happy with our choice!

Brock Williams Principal, Parkside Elementary Tenino, WA June 16, 2015