Zoo-phonics® and ELL children

Zoo-phonics and ELL children

Give your English Language Learners fun, playful, effective instruction…

  • Zoo-phonics® supports ELL’s (English Language Learners) by providing instruction and interaction while learning English. It’s visual, auditory, aural and kinesthetic approach supports the ELL’s need to use their eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies to learn how to speak, read, spell, and write. Zoo-phonics® provides explicit instruction in the structure of English, while still teaching in a creative and kinesthetic way.
  • ELL’s need a safe environment where learning how to speak, read, and write will be positively received and reinforced. Zoo-phonics® provides a fun, playful environment allowing ELL’s to take risks as they engage in conversation in English.
  • Zoo-phonics® has been compared to the Total Physical Response methodology because of the concrete Animal Letters and Body Movements. ELL’s actively participate in their learning with their whole bodies.

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