Zoo-phonics® WILL REACH every child!

The problem with the alphabet and learning how to read and spell is that it is too abstract. So we made it concrete!

Zoo-phonics® will reach every child including…

  • Toddlers
  • Head Start
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • English Language Learners
  • Special Education (all grades)
  • Toddlers and preschoolers are so ready for learning but parents often wait for the school to begin the literacy process and miss years of precious time. Researchers tell parents, “Teach your children; their brains are ready!” However, you cannot teach young children through abstract methods and materials – they do not understand abstractions. Make it concrete with Zoo-phonics® and there is no limit to what they can learn. Their neurons are making pathways like freeways!
  • Our Animal Letters are delightful and memorable. Here’s why: A bear is a bear, is a bear, no matter how you turn him!

Can you say this about a “b”?

  • Our society is capital letter and letter name entrenched. The problem is that we use capital letters only 5% of the time and then only for specific reasons (in a name, to begin a sentence, etc.).
  • The same goes for letter names. We never say “double u” (w), or “ache” (h), “el” (l), “em” (m), etc., when reading. Traditionally, capital letters and letter names are always taught first. This is incidental (important, but incidental) information, not immediately needed for beginning the reading, spelling and writing process. Let’s hit the bull’s eye with relevant instruction, and we will maximize children’s learning.
  • The Zoo-phonics® Program fully involves the child’s eyes, ears, mouth and body as they learn phonemic awareness, the alphabet, and how to decode (read) and encode (spell/write).
  • Zoo-phonics® is so playful. Watch baby animals as they play. They are in constant motion as they wrestle, jump, roll, snarl, yip and growl. This is important preparation for adulthood. The same goes for children. They’re in constant motion, and they love to make noise. So let’s use what is natural for them and channel it for learning! If they are moving, they are not only having fun but they are processing information through this important movement and sound production!
  • Zoo-phonics® has a strong parent component because we know that helping parents to help their children is crucial. Parents bond with their children as they “play” Zoo-phonics®.
  • No longer is there a power-struggle with homework! Says Program Specialist, Sally Mathers, Great Falls, Montana, “Parents are no longer threatened when asked to help their children with homework.”
  • Teachers love Zoo-phonics® because students learn quickly, without stress, and retain what they learn. Zoo-phonics® brings fun and excitement into the classroom, thus motivating students.
  • Zoo-phonics® fosters success by helping children feel good about their reading, spelling and writing ability. No child slips between the cracks! School is a good place to be where successful learning takes place.

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Head Start teachers love the results of Zoo-phonics® too!

I teach a Head Start class that includes three and four-year-old children. I was initially concerned about presenting the entire Zoo-phonics® alphabet to the children at one setting. But the first time I presented the alphabet they wanted to do it again! They loved it! They learned the sounds and movements after just one week. Every day they would come in and ask to do Zoo-phonics®. They were proud that they had learned it! Within a week I noticed that the children were relating the sounds and movements to letters and words around the room and in books. I would pick up a book and a child would say, “‘Home’ is a word like Honey Horse.” They just started to become aware of the letters and sounds. Within six-weeks the children could combine the sounds of letters to start to form words like c-a-t. They also began to notice if a word ended in “Sammy Snake.” The best part was the feedback I got from the parents when the children went on to kindergarten this last fall. The children from my class were very well prepared and had great advantage because of Zoo-phonics®!

Janet O’Connor Head Start Teacher Grapeview, WA June 11, 2015