Zoo-phonics® Makes Learning to Read Fun For Children At Donela Primary School in Uganda

By Align Ministries

We think you’ll love Donala School! See more here on this new video posted by our Donala Zoo-teachers. It is amazing! (October 2012)

“In the past, the goal of the Donela (Uganda) school curriculum was to teach only what was required in order to pass exams; but now, prayers are answered as the Lord has provided a way of introducing the children to a whole new world and experience through reading books.

Thanks to the gracious donation of Char Wrighton, President and Founder of Zoo-phonics®, the teachers at Donela are being trained in a creative teaching style and students are learning to read English in a fun and innovative way. What makes Zoo-phonics® unique is that it takes something that is very abstract (reading) and through music, stories, puppets and games, turn it into something that is concrete and understandable to young children. It simply brings joy into the classroom through the images of animals, movement, music, a game format and through the ease with which the children learn the basics of reading, spelling and writing…”

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