Zoo-Fonts In English and Spanish with Zoo-Clipart


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Included in the Preschool Zoo-per Package, the Kindergarten Zoo-per Package and the 1st Grade Zoo-per Package.

(True Type fonts for all Macintosh and PC based computers)

Create your own classroom materials using the Zoo-phonics® “cast of characters”! Print your own Zoo-phonics® letters in your favorite word processing program with our custom type-face. The Zoo-Fonts save you time by allowing you to use a computer to develop Zoo-phonics® lessons. Includes the Zoo-phonics® Primary Font, Animal Font, Merged Font (includes Capital Merged Letters), and Zoo-Trace. As a bonus feature, the CD now includes over 400 black Line illustrations of our cast of characters and other Zoo-Art in TIFF format. Instruction and installation guide included. Call us for volume software licensing and save even more!